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I am an Admin & Resident of Littlefield Grid in opensim, I’ve built many things there but one of my favourite builds is my Doctor Who Region – for those who haven’t seen it, it’s basically a giant TARDIS that takes up a whole sim that you can wander around and get lost in.

The reason I mention this is that for one I am not held hostage to Linden Labs 15,000 prim limit, now in opensim I can have as many prims allocated to my sim that I want, I have 30,000 prim limit on Doctor Who, now I believe anymore than that and it would be a lag fest.  So 15,000 prims on Second Life vs 30,000+ prims in Opensim.

Here is another great thing about building in Opensim…..

I wanted to renovate my Doctor Who sim, now in Second Life to do this I would have to start pulling things apart, removing objects etc, like at Christmas time in Second Life I use to have to completely gut the sim and replacing everything with my Christmas theme, but in Opensim it’s simple, take a copy of your region do all the changes you need then re-load the newly renovated sim. Easy!!

Another wonderful about OS is you are not limited to a prim size limit, in SL it’s 64m in any direction [reference Second Life Wiki] in opensim you are limited to 256m in any direction [I do believe this is based on what is set in ini file on your grid, please correct me if I am wrong]  On my Doctor Who sim I have a giant TARDIS which spans the whole of the sim.

Now I use to really enjoy Second Life but in Opensim there is so much more freedom if you are a builder, now granted it’s not perfect but I would rather take the imperfections and be free of the building/sim restrictions that exist in Second Life.

When we moved to Opensim we soon realized how lazy we had become as builders in Second Life, if we needed something for our sim we’d simply go to Market Place or go shopping to find it, in Opensim we had limited resources so we got back to basics…building with prims it’s amazing what you can do with prims, and yes I do use sculpts & mesh in unison with prims.

I am not discrediting Second Life but I simply want to point out that there are other options out there in the Virtual World, other options that gives you more freedom to create, I had no clue until we moved to Opensim, now granted not all grids out there in Opensim run well or are run well, I am lucky to be part of a grid that is taken care of and runs efficiently, so before you up and move from Second Life do your grid research and find one that suits you.

Feel free to come check out Littlefield Grid

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