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I was a big fan of MLP, well once I learnt how to use it long long ago in Second Life.  I went to many MLP classes at Builders Brewery to learn, but in the end I was so determined to learn it I paid someone for private lessons, glad I did a much better way to learn something, well for me anyway.

When we made the move from SL to OSgrid I was was worried about what I would be able to do there, then Walter imported me a copy of MLP, and was very happy when it actually worked in OpenSim, I think someone did some changes to make it operate in OS.

So once again I was able to create my furniture in another virtual world.  For quite some time MLP was great to be able to animate our world, but the problem with MLP it’s very heavy on scripts and resources and quite frankly a bitch to do adjustments on.

But in the last 12 months a fabulous new sit systems was created by the talented Aine Caoimhe, click here for a link to her website. She has created some wonderful items for Opensim and she provides wonderful assistance if you are having issues with anything.  

I am currently learning how to use Aine’s Paramour Multi-Animation Controller or as it is known PMAC (the link is to the original release, there is a new version).

PMAC builders kit

PMAC features:

No Poseballs

1 Script – as apposed to MLP’s multiple scripts.

A true multi-avatar controller – animations for 1 to as many as 9 avatars

Full NPC Integration – this is a great feature because instead of logging on an alt to help adjust couple animations I can just rez a NPC. 

NO notecard editing for users – this is the best feature for me, a lot less work to make adjustments.

MLP Conversion – This script is brilliant, I can take all the MLP things I have made and in a few short clicks I can convert to PMAC, with some slight adjustments to poses.

NC Props add-on written by +Neothar Cortex 

PAO Expression add-on

Region Friendly – Most multi-avatar controllers are pretty harsh on a simulator, eating up valuable cycles, and memory and other script resources.

Plus much much more…..

So now I am working my way through converting all my MLP items to PMAC, it’s a big job but will be better for our grid once I do this.

Thank you Aine and her team of helpers for making a new way to animate our virtual world.