Littlefield OSgrid

Littlefield is a Adult-themed community for adults 18+ located on the Opensim-based 3D virtual world of OSgrid.

Our community is based on people helping people to have a safe, fun and rewarding life in the virtual world. We hope this community will bring together like minded individuals who will be able to create, interact, and have fun with very limited cost. We hope to offer some clarity and education about the BDSM lifestyle to help anyone who is curious or wants to learn about the practices of BDSM in real life.

Littlefield is run by residents, not by a corporation. We have done our best to keep the overhead at a minimum, just covering the expenses to maintain the servers, so people can spend more time enjoying their home rather than being concerned about how they are going to pay for it.

Littlefield Fine Furniture

MLP enabled furniture, living rooms, bedroom and dining furniture

A.W. Fashion

Women’s clothing, boots, shoes, silks, latex outfits, gowns, beachwear

Home for the Holidays

One stop shop for all your holiday needs, including rez/birthday cards, balloons, cakes, teddy bears

Littlefield Photos

Photostudio where you can take your profile pic, many poses and backgrounds to choose from.

Opensim Builder’s Alliance

Resource for builders helping each other.

1 thought on “Littlefield OSgrid”

  1. Your place, and the great stuff on it, is amazing! Thank you very much!

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