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I am a huge Doctor Who fan, have been since I was a kid, and I still watch it to this day.  Like all people of my generation my Doctor was Tom Baker.

4th DrOne of the best parts about being in LFgrid is being able to have a whole sim dedicated to things we like, with that in mind Master indulged me with a Dr Who sim, mind you this was 2 years ago when we were in OSgrid, there it sat with just 2 rooms, till about a month ago when he “reminded” me that the sim was very much unfinished, so off to work I went and finally finished the sim.

The idea Dirk & I had was a sim which was basically a giant TARDIS, so from the console room that Dirk created I started to build out and around it.  When you are in the console room make sure you have your speakers on, as Dirk added sounds, and touch the console and watch it work.

console room_001

When you tp into the sim you arrive at the landing point which has on the walls a “quick guide to Doctor Who” for those who are not so familiar with the series, well ok this was for Camryn 🙂

entrance_001Once you enter the TARDIS at the end of the room there is a whole sim to explore, dedicated to all things Doctor Who.  

I did not do this build alone, yes I made the rooms, built the corridors but I had help also: Thank you Dirk Mathers for helping me to script things in the TARDIS, Camryn Darkstone for helping me to build somethings that I had no idea how to, Aaack Aardvark for making me the mesh items and to Master for indulging my whim of having a Doctor Who sim.   If you visit the sim I do hope you enjoying wandering the corridors of the TARDIS…but beware there maybe creatures lurking…and….DON’T BLINK!!!

Bad Wolf_001 dalek emporer_001 dalek hallway_001 end of the world_001 eye of harmony night_001 library_001

auton_001 nestene_001