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It really annoys me that some people feel the need to comment on what one does with their own grid…why I ask?

Littlefield Grid is a privately run & owned grid – what we do on it is up to us and no one else.  You don’t need to be poking your nose into our business or anyone else’s business for the matter.

I get tired of seeing bad comments about us because we are a closed grid, closed in the fact we don’t let our content off it, we do this for various reason. One being we are not the Hypergrid’s shopping mall.  We are a community, we create things for those people that wish to live on our grid, that support our grid on a daily bases, not those that just pop in because they are way too lazy to create their own content.  Plus we have licences with creators that the use of content is only allowed on our grid.

So you can’t take our content, what do you do?  You disparage our grid, you say our content is crap because it’s free, no you say this not because it’s true but because you can’t get your greedy little hands on it.  Here’s a tip stop being lazy and start creating your own content.

Yes we are a no commerce grid, if we wanted commerce and to make money we would never have left Second Life, I have a full time job, I don’t need to be earning money in a virtual world.  My time inworld is to hang out with the people that matter to me, not to spend all my time and effort creating content to sell. 

One idiot, who shall remain nameless, said this:

“Not sure i am impress by the “free” stuff on Littlefield where virtually nothing is allowed to leave the grid with a Hypergrid traveler. Last time I checked (and it is a while), not even items like Open Collar – which is supposed to be open and free, could leave. Go figure!”

Now is he unimpressed because we don’t share our content so therefore he has to be nasty about it, also the comment about the Open Collar makes me laugh, we don’t sell our collars, so he’s wrong on that point, we freely give our collars to our residents – we don’t give them to the wider Opensim community because the prim work on the collars are not open source only the scripts are – so again being lazy do the leg work like we did to import the scripts into OS then tweak them so they work here.  Again another one being lazy.

Why can’t we have commercial grids and no commercial grids?  Why do we need just one or the other? Why the debate and argument? Why not let people run their own grids how they want to?

So before you go to make a nasty comment next time stop and think and act how you would in the real world or perhaps this is how you are in the real world? That’s a scary thought!!

These are my thoughts alone, I am not speaking for the grid, I just wanted to point out my frustration!!  Oh and be very wary when commenting on posts on other sites seems the moderators are biased also!!