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I am predominately know in Littlefield Grid as a MLP/furniture person, but after many years of doing that I want to expand my knowledge of creating other things, so I am throwing myself into creating mesh clothes.

2 weeks in and I am asking myself why?  There is so much to learn, so many new programs to learn, it’s really “bang your head on the desk” kind of stuff.

Let’s start with Blender, now I have had some use in Blender, I can make an obj into a dae file to import inworld that’s easy, I have even posed a couple avatars for my Doctor Who sim which much help from Aaack, but when it comes to making clothes in Blender forget about it, so I decided to start with basic knowledge, actually knowledge I was lacking in Blender.

I am working my way through some great beginner tutorials by Haven Ditko (link to her tutorials) The Ditko University these are the best beginner tutorials, once I master those I will move onto Aaack’s tutorials (link to video’s) Aaack Aardvark. So far I have learnt a lot from Haven.

I discovered Marvelous Designer, took the 15 day trial to play around with it, loved it, now it’s quite expensive, I am doing a monthly subscription just in case I decided going forward not to use it anymore.  Below are some examples of the basic things I have created so far in MD4

Very basic stuff but has been fun creating things from ideas or pictures, it’s a fairly simple tool to use, but there is still much more to learn in MD4 yet.  You can create the clothes in here then export as an OBJ to import into Blender.

I bought Avastar for rigging clothes in Blender very easy to use Avastar

I also got a already weighted bodysuit from Medhue Animations – Medhue weighted bodysuit this is a great tool also but sadly you still have to tinker with weight painting in Blender, which completely baffles me, in particular I have issues my sleeves or straps on the dress in Blender & MD4 they look great but as soon as I wear the outfit inworld they become warped which needs to be fixed with fiddling with weights etc in Blender.

I still need to figure out how to make a UV texture map for my clothes below is the point I get to and get figure out the rest lol

UV Map what now

But…despite all the learning curves so far I will soldier on hoping to be able to start creating original mesh clothing for LFgrid.

Stay tuned for more ……