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quick how to convert MLP to PMAC guide

As you do the conversion you will be prompted in local chat about what to do next.

  • Make sure your MLP is fully working before doing the conversion. (If the ball doesn’t work remove from object recompile the ball script and put back in the object then reset scripts.)
  • Right click and edit the object
  • Drag the script named “.MLP-PMAC Converter v1.02” into the object
  • Touch the object to start the conversion
  • If everything goes well you will receive the below pop up boxPMAC POP UP 1 copy
  • Click convert

pmac pop up 2

  • Click “yes delete”
  • Right click and edit object again
  • Drag into the object – ~~~positioner & ~~~~~base_DO_NOT_DELETE_ME!!!!!
  • Now drag – …PMAC 1.02 Core script into the object
  • If successful you will see in local chat – “Initialization complete and ready to use”
  • That’s it..all done you now only have to adjust the poses…

This is my quick conversion guide, I found it really simple – but as always if you are having issues please consult the note cards that come with the PMAC pack.