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This blog post is for my sister Liz, who cannot be with us inworld right now 😦

We are now over 200 members on LFgrid not bad for just being up and running for a month and regions are growing fast.  People are enjoying the smooth running of our grid thanks to Ash & Master 🙂  We have the beginnings of a wonderful community so far, so plenty of people will be around for when you come home Liz, lots of old familiar faces and lots of new faces also.  Will try and keep you updated as much as I can.

Littlefield Blog Page – Dancing at Speakeasy

Below is our first grid meeting, held 1st Friday of each month at 1.30pm grid time PST.

first meeting 3 May 2013_001

Littlefield Hypergrid Train Station, where you can HG to other grids plus we are looking for small grids to connect to us. Build by Camryn Darkstone.


Derby Dance May 4th 2013, Master & Cam sweet pic 🙂

Master & Cam_001

Hanging out at Littlefield Grove May 10th 2013

Master Cam and me_001