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Four weeks ago we officially launched our grid, Littlefield Grid in that four weeks we have now over 200 users signed up, which is wonderful.  Our grid is running very smoothly thanks to Walter Balazic & Ashton Nobilis for all their behind the scenes hard work.  This is not some home computer operation, we run our regions on servers in a data centre and there is always someone on hand to help out with any problems residents may be having.

I wander around our grid feeling so proud of what we have all accomplished in such a short span of time. I am happy to say that tp’s work very well, there is virtually no lag and hardly ever do you see a cloudy avatar on the grid.  We are slowly building a wonderful community of people who like us just want a fun and stable place to create.

It’s funny but 2 years ago I didn’t know that there was other virtual worlds like SL until Master told me about OSgrid, I logged in there and wow I thought this is just like SL but cheaper.  I love our world with no money.

OSgrid was fine for a short time, but for us it was time to move on to our own grid, I must say the move to our new grid was a lot easier than moving from SL to OSgrid.  We are very happy on our grid and it is run by people who live and create on the grid. We mainly create our world for what we like first and foremost and it’s always a bonus when others join us and enjoy what we have created.

Our core group of people are wonderful I want to thank my sisters, Camryn, Liz, Samie, Candee & Amara for coming on this journey to our new world I love you all.

Thank you to lucky no.7 Ada for making the clothes we wear and for her friendship and for being my sister also.  To Dirk my dear friend who makes me laugh and smile daily.

To Ash for help putting this all together, he also makes me laugh and he’s the one I always like to blame for anything LOL.  To Julie, ah queen of the pun and such a quick wit a joy to have around.  I would also like to thank Faith, TreaBea, Adelle & Kei for having faith in us and joining us on our new grid, these are all special people.

And finally to my Master, Walter Balazic, I thank you for having the faith and belief in me to bring me along for this ride, and for the honour of being your sub in all worlds, I love you very much, my life is better for knowing and loving you.

Thank you to everyone who has joined us at Littlefield Grid we hope you love our world as much as we do.