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With all the whoo haa that has been going on lately, it was hinted at, no it was said that I was a puppet, well my Master was called a “Puppet Master” which suggests that I am a puppet.  One that is brainwashed and seemingly cannot think for myself, so does being a sub mean you are a puppet? Are subs brainwashed?  Can subs not think for themselves?  HELL NO!!!!

My Master is no puppet master, despite what some clueless spiteful people think.  Yes I am submissive, this does not mean that I am some brainless twit who is not allowed a thought, opinion or comment on my life.  Far from it.  Now this may not be true in all Master/sub relationships but I am one of the very lucky ones, I have a Master who is very kind, very very generous, very loving and very patient.  In his care I feel very protected, cherished and loved always.

Submitting to my Master was my choice, yes mine alone, he did not grab me and throw a collar around my neck, it was after considerable discussion and consideration that I happily accepted him as my Master and agreed to wear his collar around my neck.

My Master does not choose things for me, does not decide totally what goes on in my RL/VW life, we have discussions about things, he tells me his thoughts on the subject, I am free to voice my opinion about things and disagree if warranted.  I do not always agree with my Master, but for the most part I do, he’s an intelligent man and he is also my mentor in a way.  I look for guidance in RL and VW, he’s my best friend someone I can always go to when I need advice or am struggling with a decision.

He lives in one country and I in another and with my life I have to make choices without discussing it with him, this is called real life and it happens.  I do not run to him with every choice/decision I have to make each day, to do this would be ridiculous and impractical.

I say to those who hate us or do not understand us, take a moment to learn some facts before you start sprouting off rubbish that you know nothing about.

My relationship and the way I act and behave is between me and my Master…not you!!