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Whimsical Isle has been around for quite some time, but right now my friend Ada Wong & I are in the midst of completing our Islands in the Sky feature on Whimsy. (So please bare with us as we build the islands, but we do hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy creating them.) Also you can pick up things as you wander around.

Along time ago in another virtual land I visited a place that had a serious of platforms in the sky with bridges/walkways connecting them, I thought it a fab idea and always wanted to create one, but at the time in the VW that I was in I was limited by prims as I shared a sim with 4 others.  But in OSgrid I am free to create this place as I am not limited anymore with building, one of the best things about OSgrid..got to love that 🙂  Ada & I love all things whimsical so Walter created a sim just for this.  You will find bears, fairies, mermaids, treehouse, castle and mushrooms to sit on here and when completed our islands in the sky, we have 4 to start with and no doubt will come up with more as time goes by.  If you are looking for a quiet place to hang out stop by Whimsical Isle.  You can also visit our mini gallery by Samie Ashdene, she takes some wonderful pictures.

Whimsical Isle can be accessed from Littlefield SW there on the dock you will find a balloon simply right click the basket and it will tp you over to Whimsical Isle.

The landing dock at Whimsical Isle

Mermaids – if you love to be a mermaid avi you can pick up a mermaid outfit & avi each one comes with it’s own AO

Latest edition to Whimsical Isle by Ada Wong The Fairy Treehouse.  You can pick up your copy of the treehouse here.

Ada has placed out 3 fairy outfits for sale with wings that when you touch them they emote.

Now for some pics of our latest creation our Islands in the sky.

First island on the journey is Heaven in the Sky (names may change at a later date)

and the journey continues along our bridges going up into the sky

Next island is a place to enjoy a lovely fountain with sits and cuddles, I picked this up from Selea Core (Outdoors Garden Pool)

For a bit of romance I created the next island (warning it’s very pink LOL) I hope to add some cuddles for couples and romantic dancing. (I also use some of Selea’s trees on this build)

Romance Island

Next on is Fairy Island (still be constructed) this is Ada’s creation

Update: See how fast things change…added another island just after writing this blog the new one is our beach theme.