This week I am blogging about Selea Core, I visited her regions last week, and loved all that I found there, grabbing some items to take home with me for my garden region. I do hope you stop by her regions and visit you will not be disappointed.

Tell me a little about yourself?
I am an Elf, a few hundred years old and still growing.

How long have you been creating items in virtual worlds?
If I take in account when I first started creating web sites for chat rooms, then it would be about 15 years. But I was born in SL something like 6 years ago.

What other virtual worlds have you live in?
SL of course. I think we are all born there … right? … lol
My very first one was Virtual Places. Chat rooms with music. That is where I learned about creating web sites and where I could let my graphic talent go wild. So I guess you could say it was the start of me creating textures.

How did you find your way to OSgrid?
A conversation between 2 other friends in SL. I was shocked to find out there was other worlds out there … lol

What bought you to OSgrid?
Curiosity. My Elf pointed little ears yearned to snoop around.

What type of items do you create in world?
I create all my textures. I’ll try anything that starts with a prim. I tried creating sculpties and THAT gave me a bad case of the hicups, plus a few white hair. I gave it up … lol
Scripting? … haha … yeah right … I’m not even going there … lol
Ok, I’ll go there a wee bit. I managed to work with 2 important scripts already in place in OS.
With Nebadon’s hair texture changer, I created some kind of home control unit.
With the Miffy Fluffy MLP scripts, I created multiposes for single users, female and or male.
Mind you, both took me a few months to get right … lol

What was your initial reaction to OSgrid when you first arrived here?
Gawd … I was soooooo lost.  Where to go? What to do?
Back then you did not land at one of the plazas, it was this deserted road with a few signs.
But I remembered feeling that exact same way on a crowded region in SL.
Weird uh? … lol

What makes OSgrid different from other virtual worlds like Second life?
Once you get over the fact that you cannot be exactly like SL, once you accept you can make it better than SL, then you find out how there are no limits in creating in OS. Each day you discover how you can create things that you never dreamed you could before. OS gives you the time, the freedom to be all you can be.

Any tips for those wanting to start creating content for virtual worlds?
Dont give up. I was a total newbie. I barely knew how to start my pc … lol
Today, I have something like 9 regions running from my own pc.  Don’t be shy or afraid to ask for help. For me, it was the OSgrid forum.  People there are just fantastic, they won’t give up on you until you get it right and they are super nice and patient about it.

Where do you draw on for your inspiration for creating in virtual worlds?
The awsome builders already in place. You see something someone else has created and you think to yourself … I can do that … maybe?
Trying to achieve something that you have seen, and make it different so that it can be your own creation is always the best challenge any of us can accomplish.

Where can we find your store in OSgrid?
I don’t have stores. I have regions. It’s all OSgrid’s fault … lol
They are still very much projects under constructions. I keep adding daily 🙂

Selea’s Elf Art Gallery …..Selea’s Outdoors – Botanical……Selea’s Outdoors – Decorations

If you would ask what I missed the most from SL, it would be Snow … my Unicorn and Fluffy … my crazy little orange cat. They are the only reason I go back to SL once in a while. To be with them for a few hours because I  miss them. I hope one day, one of the magical scripters from OS will come up with the proper scripts to animate our pets. Then, for me, we will have come full circle 🙂

For me, OSgrid is my sanity time away from RL. I stay away from the flaky drama king and queens and THAT makes my magical, fantasy world the most beautiful experience. Thank you to all that made this possible for us.

Selea 🙂

Selea’s Elf Art Gallery … my first love 🙂

Selea’s Outdoors – Botanical … because there was not enough space on my Art Gallery region.

Selea’s Outdoors – Decorations … because there was not enough space on my Botanicals region.