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April 27th 2011 was a wonderful day, Master officially accepted me into his family, he graced my neck with his family collar, I officially became his, although I think from the day we met (although I didn’t know then) I was always his. I was happy and content.
So on our anniversary I was quite surprised when Master tp’d me to Stonehaven and there he stood looking so handsome in his suit, a gazebo decorated so lovely, with family and friends (sadly some were missing but such is life with time zones).  i looked around and was quite taken aback and lost for words.
He presented me with some lovely red roses and there I stood before my Master, the love of my life not sure what do or say, he called upon our dear friend Dirk Mathers to officiate for us. We had quite a laugh, Dirk was not prepared, Master likes to keep things very secret..but what Dirk said was so lovely and yet so true.
Dirk Mathers: Walter and Toy, you stand here gathered in the presence of friends and loved ones…
Dirk Mathers: after one years time to re-state your devotions one to the other.
Dirk Mathers: A BDSM relationship is much like a marriage.
Dirk Mathers: Instead of a finger ring, your symbol of devotion is of a collar.
Dirk Mathers: Like a ring, it has no beginning and no end.
Dirk Mathers: symbolizing your unending devotion to each other
Dirk Mathers: and now if you would, pledge your vows now before your gathered friends, family and loved ones.
Thank you Dirk for you lovely words.
My Master approached me and slowly but gently unlocked my collar, a strange sensation at the best of times, one a sub never wants to feel, but on this occasion it was a joyous one, he then placed a new collar around my neck, I was feeling so joyous so happy as I felt and heard it lock again, a smile upon my face as My Master kissed me softly on my head.
Then he spoke, I always love the sound of my Master voice…I listened carefully letting his voice and words fill the air around me.
Walter Balazic: Toy, With the placing of this collar around your neck and your acceptance thereof, I vow to do everything I can to be worthy of you.
Toy McBride smiles up at her Master with such love
Walter Balazic: I promise to hold you and keep you safe, to stretch you and give you flight, to respect the needs of our relationship
Walter Balazic: Above all others, to love you, honour you, support you in all things and be sensitive to your needs and desires all underpinned by the respect that I have for you and the deep and joyful knowledge that with you two halves are made whole.
Walter Balazic: I acknowledge the trust you have placed in me and the responsibility that goes with my acceptance of that trust.
Walter Balazic: I will never violate or even threaten to violate that trust.
Walter Balazic: I will endeavour to be open minded enough to learn new things. Strong enough to grow. In times of trouble, to be a supportive friend and partner, never forgetting that this is still a loving relationship between two caring people.
Walter Balazic: I acknowledge and accept with all my heart the gift of submission you have made to me.
Walter Balazic: The collar itself is a symbol of that which we already know… that you are mine and by it’s wearing you are safe to be everything that you are.
Walter Balazic: Do you accept this symbol in the spirit by which it is given you?
Toy McBride looks up at her Master, looks deep into your eyes
Toy McBride: yes Master
He then presented me with a white rose, a rose to treasure always, a perfect reminder of our special day.
He then embraced me and kissed me softly, I could have stayed in this moment at this time forever, frozen together in one perfect moment.
Walter Balazic: I love you Toy
Toy McBride: I love you my Master, now and forever always
At this point I felt so happy, so loved and so blessed, reflecting now I feel a tad bad because i was so overwhelmed I couldn’t find the words that were inside me, but I know Master knows what is in my heart.  I did manage to gather myself to say..
Toy McBride: Master I thank every day that I am blessed to be yours.
Walter Balazic: thank you Toy, I thank you for being mine everyday also.
It’s funny how life takes you along by the hand, quite by accident you meet someone, they become your friend, the listen to you, try to guide and help you then all of a sudden things change, you then find the one person you could love forever, be with forever, which then leads to your perfect moment and I know there will be many more perfect moments.
I love you Master, I am yours, now and forever.