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This week’s blog is about Loru Destiny another wonderful creator on OSgrid we are very pleased to have her at Littlefield, and we hope you enjoy her creations just as much.

Tell me a little about yourself?
I’m a mature woman from germany and love creativity in any form. I’m mainly engaged in music and fine arts. In osgrid I’m with my partner Tryad Destiny.

How long have you been creating items in virtual worlds?
About 2 years.

What other virtual worlds have you lived in?
I came from sl to osgrid.

How did you find your way to OSgrid?
Tryad and I looked for a alternative to sl because we both had the dream to be creative in a virtual world without using an excessive amount of money.  On his journey through several grids he found osgrid and showed me.

What brought you to OSgrid?
Shortly after we arrived we met very kind and helpful people who were here to be a active part of a community, to share items as well as ideas or knowledge. In littlefield we found our first home and a lot of support. Here I started to create in osgrid.
I was excited because it seemed here I found the place I was looking for.

What type of items do you create in world?
I make dresses and accessories. My fun is to design. I make some theme clothes for example medieval and fantasy, otherwise I create modern clothes I would like to wear myself.

What was your initial reaction to OSgrid when you first arrived here?
I was excited and curious.

What makes OSgrid different from other virtual worlds like Second life?
In sl there are many creative people but many more are there mainly for light entertainment like chatting ,dancing and shopping. Those ppl you don’t find so often in osgrid, most I met were creators and many are experts in IT.  For (too) many sl means business. Here we share, it’s the spirit of community. We don’t need money, our pay is a “thank you” and the help we get when we ask for. This I like a lot.

Any tips for those wanting to start creating content for virtual worlds?
Read in tutorial blogs, ask ppl, be patient and don’t give up (there are always some technical probs). The process of creating, solving problems is the main part of the fun.

Where do you draw on for your inspiration for creating in virtual worlds?
I’m curious to know more, the more I know the more possibilities I get.  I love to play with forms and colours, here I can and additionally I can please other with my creations

Thank you Loru for sharing your creations with us at Littlefield and OSgrid.

If you wish to visit Loru’s stores you can find that at Littlefield NE and Tryloria Estate.

Below are some of Loru’s creations.