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Today I thought I would blog about my little store @Littefield, Toy Inc.  I’ve had this store for over a year now, my first OSgrid store, here you can find my range of BDSM toys.  My toys usually include RLV, MLP and restrain points for cuffs etc.  Now I know this is not everyones thing, but those who know me, know this is my lifestyle, but as you know if you have visited Littlefield you don’t need to be into BDSM to visit our sims, we do cater for all types.

Below is a picture of my store.

My new creation for Easter, RLV/MLP Subbie Easter Egg Globe with a menu for 5 animations, plus a RLV capture Subbie Easter Egg Globe with one animation.  I have also made a non RLV Easter Egg Globe that you can pick up from Home for the Holidays store.  Each box contains 3 different colours.

One of the first things I made in OSgrid when I found a working MLP was to adapt a chair I found and make a Master/sub chair, well after quite some time I have finally made a new chair.  The box contains a variety of colours.