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Now open at Littlefield NE shopping area is our wonderful Garden Center created by Camryn Darkstone, those of you who have visited Littlefield will have seen all the wonderous buildings around the sims, these are all created by our wonderful city planner Camryn Darkstone.  Camyrn has a wonderful builder’s eye.  I remember when I first came to Littlefield I was amazed by the wonderful buildings about, we are very proud of Camryn our little world would be a much uglier place without her.
I have taken a few pictures of the new Garden Center, stop by and pick up your FREE flowers and some lovely easter treats.

To find the store search Littlefield or Littlefield NE on the map in OSgrid.

Garden Center

Look for the flowerpot to make get your plants for FREE

Pick up some lovely FREE easter treats

A lovely trellis FREE for your garden