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Tell me a little about yourself?

Mika has had a VL for just over 4.5years originally joining sl and has been in osg  for 2.5 (est.) of those, listening and  trying  to work out a niche but not being of a tecnical bent or good at building inworld. I decided to bring my experience of deving clothes in IMVU here to Osgrid.
A Domme and proud to have met my soulmate 3 years ago and we have travelled the virtual universe together.
Kate the human behind the screen, is a woman of many experiences and creative ideas having owned and worked in her Hairdressing Salon for 30 years while a mother of 2 kids in their early 20’s and loving the youth and energy they bring into my life. My greatest hobby , u guess!!! 🙂

How long have you been creating items in virtual worlds?

Mika – 18 mths on IMVU , 5 months here in OSG

What other virtual worlds have you live in?

Mika –  Started my v/l in a small application on facebook called Yoville and then progressed to IMVU, Secondlife, OSG and my own standalone (Genesis)

How did you find your way to OSgrid?

Mika –  word of mouth

What bought you to OSgrid?

Mika – word of mouth

What type of items do you create in world?

Mika – clothes,  of which i hope are alittle different maybe

What was your initial reaction to OSgrid when you first arrived here?

Mika –  Being used to the high fashion  and things avaliable in sl it was a shock to start again as  Ruth 😉 but soon found some great items here to correct that.

What makes OSgrid different from other virtual worlds  Second life?

Mika –  The  welcome into the OSG family and the ethos for sharing, helping and the exchange of ideas

Any tips for those wanting to start creating content for virtual worlds?

Mika –  Experiment and if u dont know  search for tuts and dont be afraid to ask others inworld

Where do you draw on for your inspiration for creating in virtual worlds?

Mika –  Imagination and things all around us

Where can we find your store in OSgrid?

Mika – Littlefield Shopping Area