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Before I came to OSgrid I lived in Secondlife I was born there September 6th 2007, I had no clue what I was signing up hence my very weird avatar name.

So hard to remember back to that day now the start up for SL then is very different from now, no snazzy avatars to pick from, and we had last names back then, so I rezzed in world for the first time and thought “where the hell am I” I will confess it took me nearly an hour to get of the welcome Isle, I just could not figure out how to tp out of a place, I could search places but just couldn’t figure it out, I kept seeing the red arrow thinking I had to click on that, I think I must have asked for help in the end much to my horror I hate asking for help.

I was curious about BDSM when I came to SL, so I searched BDSM, well once I figured out that you had to select mature to get such things to come up in search, the first place I managed to tp to was Island of Pain so in I rezzed all in my glamorous noobie look, I wish now I had taken a picture of myself (ok I didn’t know how to).

So there I stood on what appeared to be a mound of blood with a knife hovering over my head, that was just weird then I remember someone greeting me, that was Max who would in time become my partner for 3 years in SL (ok after I wore him down he did).

Ok now I have strayed off the topic of this post, Island of Pain was where I would make some lasting friendship, they would become friends outside SL also.  So here are some pics my ode to those I love and miss, and hope one day they would come to Littlefield grid.

I hope you enjoy my little trip down memory lane.

Cal, Margo, Me, Maas, Aislyn

Johnny, Lulu, Max, Me, Cal

Maas & Margo, the best couple I have ever met, they are married in RL, this fascinated me that they were so at ease being online in SL together.  They are two of the most wonderful people I have ever met and I love them like my own family, odd considering we have never met in RL.

Maas & Margo

Aislyn – she is my oldest friend in SL apart from Max, we clicked the first time we met so long ago, she is the sweetest person with the biggest heart and the best friend anyone could have. She will be forever and always my twinnie.

Me & Aislyn very old avi's I think first year of SL

Our avi's are now a little bit more refined.

Cal – I have known her for all my time in SL, she is the best, she’s funny and very quick off the mark with a quip or two, she is brave and loving in RL she is a protector to us all.  I miss her very much.

Cal & mini Cal...

Johnny & Lulu – I met these two wonderful people later on in my SL life, they became fast friends, we owned a sim together with Max & Cal.  These two lucky people met on SL, fell in love and are now a very happy couple in RL, I am so happy for them.  I miss them greatly.

Johnny & Lulu

Below is a pic of something we always did, just hangout together.

Bar sitting November 2008

Some pics of my favourite activities in SL

Dare devil Toy

Scuba Toy

Toy Skiing

Some pics from my old sims

Decourverte Christmas 2010

christmas island Decouverte 2009

Madora Winter Sim