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Today I am featuring another great content creator, she is quite well known already on OSgrid.  When I first came here a year ago she had a small shop with some items it in, as the year went by her shop grew and grew, our Ada works fast at making things.  Stop by her store @ Littlefied for some great clothes, shoes and boots.

Tell me a little about yourself?
Ada – I like puppies, flowers and shoes. 

How long have you been creating items in virtual worlds?
Ada – Hmm, 5 years now.

What other virtual worlds have you live in?
Ada – Really only SL for any length of time.  I tried Open Life but was bored out of my mind 🙂 and I tried Blue Mars but it seemed very cookie cutter.  

How did you find your way to OSgrid?
Ada – I followed the leader hehe.

What bought you to OSgrid?
Ada – I mostly got here with my mouse and keyboard….however, I came for the building and stayed for the people, the freedom and the prims :).

What type of items do you create in world?
Ada – I make all kinds of things, the clothes were just out of necessity as there wasn’t really anything available in OS when I started.  I like making things for the garden but I don’t seem to get alot of that done oddly.

What was your initial reaction to OSgrid when you first arrived here?
Ada – Big and Empty and full of Prims….

What makes OSgrid different from other virtual worlds like Second life?
Ada – I think the absence of commerce makes it a much friendlier place, everyone is helping each other and not worrying about how much they can get for everything they build.

Any tips for those wanting to start creating content for virtual worlds?
Ada – Patience and start with simple things.  Watch the tutorials on You Tube, go to classes in world and mostly just experiment with the tools.  
Don’t expect your first build to be fabulous, it takes a long time to come up with something you like.  It really just takes practice.  It also really helps if you can use PS.

Where do you draw on for your inspiration for creating in virtual worlds?
Ada – Mostly when I need something for my own sim lol.  Alot of the time people ask me if I can make a certain thing, so I just give it a try.

Where can we find your store in OSgrid?
Ada – Littlefield SW.  It’s the A. W. Shop.