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I hope to from time to time offer a profile of some OSgrid creators that I have discovered along my travels on the grid, the people featured offers free creations, and make some wonderful things for us.

This week I will be featuring Snapshots by Samie – Samie Ashdene is fairly new to our grid, but brings a wonderful talent.  You can find Snapshots by Samie at Littlefield sim, search Littlefield on the OSgrid map.

Tell me a little about yourself?
SamieI do photography, digital art, and classic (pencil art) in real life. I began Second Life in 2007 as a teen then recreated myself in 2008 to better explore as an adult.

How long have you been creating items in virtual worlds?
SamieHow long I’ve been creating actually depends on which virtual world. As for Second Life and OSgrid, I’ve been doing photography for 4 years and editing it for 3 years.

What other virtual worlds have you lived in?
SamieMost of my virtual world experience before Second Life in 2007 was due to school. We used ActiveWorlds andTwinity. IMVU, SIMS, and Second Life was introduced by family members as a better way to keep in touch with each other.

How did you find your way to OSgrid?
SamieI was introduced to OSgrid by Walter Balazic and his family.

What brought you to OSgrid?
SamieThe thing that really made it appealing was the idea of “no commerce” I have little money in real life so having to put money into a place such as Second Life was a hardship.

What type of items do you create in world?
SamieI guess you could say art? I’m a photographer. I’ll take a snapshot and edit it to enhance the beauty already displayed. I am however exploring making other things like clothes, jewelery and misc. items for props or deco.

What was your initial reaction to OSgrid when you first arrived here?
Samie Honestly, I wasn’t sure. I couldn’t find the things I thought I needed and that was upsetting. With a lot of help from friends and neighbors in OS, I became comfortable in less then a week. Now that the majority of my online time is spent in OS, instead of trying to find those things, I try to make them instead (more often then not, if you can’t find it and can’t make it, there is someone who knows exactly what you need and where to get it. just gotta ask)

What makes OSgrid different from other virtual worlds like Second life?
SamieCommerce, definately.  It doesn’t seem to matter how many times they say free, there is always going to be something they offer that is 10X better then what you have but for a price.
Here in OS you can get the best of the best and it really is FREE.
Also, you meet a lot of people who are just plain nice. In Second life, it’s rare to find others who don’t have a prior objective when talking to you.

Any tips for those wanting to start creating content for virtual worlds?
SamieJust start! If you are worried or just don’t know how, ask. And don’t worry about messing up, even the most experienced creators make mistakes.

Where do you draw on for your inspiration for creating in virtual worlds?
Samie Inspiration can come from anywhere, a movie, a song, a picture, things you see in your daily “offline” life. When you get it, don’t just think about it. Sit down and start. The motivation can take you far.

Afterglow by Samie


Mad Miss by Samie

City Lights by Samie