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My observations could be wrong, but I tend to think not. 

I see lots of promotion in blogs, etc. about content creators in OSgrid.  It appears to me that this promotion seems to be about the same people over & over. That got me thinking: why?

What sets these people apart from other content creators?

What goes on that makes bloggers write about these people all the time, and not other content creators in OSgrid?

Is there some clique out there that I do not know about? How does one get into this clique? Do I really want to be in this clique?   I have been in OSgrid for just over a year now. I think there are some fine content creators here now, but why are some getting coverage and not others?

On our sims we have wonderful creators, but barely a word has been printed about their talents and great creations. But from what I have seen these creators’ items are being used all over OSgrid. That is wonderful to see, and it leads to another question: do these people need more promotion? It seems people are finding and using their creations.  

Now it makes me wonder: do the people who blog about content here actually travel about the sims to see what is on offer? Or do they just limit themselves to certain sims and certain content creators?  

To be truly unbiased in reporting about content creators, shouldn’t one travel around the grid to explore all creative avenues? Shouldn’t one not be biased against those who may not be hypergrid active? Is it necessary to know the “in people” here on the grids, or be associated with certain people? Guilt by assocation is truely a terrible thing. Also does this make me biased in my reporting of content creators?  I think perhaps yes, so my goal is to change that.  

I just think that if the same people are mentioned and promoted over and over does it not get old and boring?  Surely blogging about new creators would be more exciting than hearing about the same ones all the time.  Would this not entice people to explore the grids more?  

I guess all I am asking for, or hoping for, is more balanced reporting about virtual world creators here in OSgrid and on other worlds.  Will this happen? I think perhaps not, but one can only hope and dream. 🙂