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Love is...

Once upon a time I was born into  secondlife, for the first few years I had a happy life, friends, a wonderful sim and a partner who I spent nearly every day with on SL, then one day he didn’t show up,  he didn’t show the next or the next or the next, one week rolled into 2 weeks then a month went by and he still didn’t appear.  In my head I knew he would not return, but in my heart I hoped, so I waited and waited, a couple of months went by and still nothing.  Lucky for me my partner had a friend in SL who was also a  friend in real life, so I knew nothing bad had happened, I am a lucky one many never know when that happens.

I felt lonely in my life, I had friends but something was missing, so I created an alt, no one knew about my alt, I wanted to experience role play so the alt was for that.  I had read The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by A. N. Roquelaure aka Anne Rice, they fascinated me, so I went searching in SL I typed beauty under locations and came across the Sim “Beauty” so there I landed, newly created eager to see what this place offered and what role play would entail.

I wandered around the sim watching people keeping to myself making polite conversation, I joined the group as an observer so I could see what took place here, and how to interact, I guess learning.  I met a Countess, she was bright and bubbly, very nice to chat with, we talked about the place and what went on and how to be apart of it.  I had to submit a application to the Queen, create a backstory etc.  This was all very new and strange to me, especially coming up with a back story, writing is not my thing really.  I thought long and hard about it, I knew the story so I knew what would happen here becoming a princess at Beauty.

I submitted my application and it was accepted, so began my jounery into role play and the life in Beauty.  Over time the Countess & I became friends, along the way I met the Baron,  who I discovered along the way was a Gor Master, I really had no clue what that was, as time went by we become close.  In private I was allowed to call him Master, i thought this special but then as I learned more about Gor i released that all slaves call men Master.  I wanted to learn more about Gor, he tried to teach me.  But all was not well on the sim, there was drama etc and soon the Countess and Baron left Beauty, I followed suit.

All this time I still had my main avi in SL, made things for my shop and ran our sim, I would go between the two people, but somewhere along the way the two become one person.  I rented a plot of land on the Baron’s sim and wandered about wondering what to do with myself now I was not at Beauty, the Baron took the countess as his slave that was a shock to me and I wondered where i fitted into this now.  So one day I confessed to the Baron what I wanted and I become his slave also.

Times with him were difficult, his ways were very different to what I was use to, but I wanted to belong so much I went along with it not always happy, but at least I belonged and that was a good thing right?

I wanted to help get traffic to his sims, so I came up with the idea of organising a BDSM hunt, I created a group, and started to wander around SL tryng to find vendors I could encourage to partake in the hunt.  As I did this people were keen to be a part of it, I had more vendors than I could ever believe, then one day I received an IM from a man, a sim owner a store owner, he asked if he could help in anyway with the hunt, I asked if he could build, he could, so he made a little cage for me, a cage to place the hunt gift in.

Then the hunt started I came home from work and the group chat was lively, but I had a knight in shining armour helping out, he didn’t need to be asked, he just did it.  I was out of my depth, without him I would have crumbled, he saved my butt big time, over the course of the hunt we became friends, I would flirt with him and he’d flirt back.  Our hunt was a success people loved it, I must admit he helped make it a success.

So after the hunt we went back to our lives, he had a family already, he is a Master with subs I did wonder what it would be like to have him as my Master, but really never thought much of it.  I went back to being part of the Baron’s life pretending most days I was happy, still flitting between my alt and my main avi in SL.  I would still chat with Walter from time to time, then around November I decided to do another hunt.  So I contacted Walter and he was kean to help me again.

During this time he told me about another grid, OSgrid, I was curious so on January 4th 2011 he showed me how to make a avi and get onto the grid, I was amazed it looked and acted just like SL, it had bugs but so did SL when I first arrived there, I was fascinated by it, I arrived at Littlefield and 30mins later I had clothes, hair, skin and shape I didn’t look like a noobie anymore thanks to Walter.  He gave me a little plot of land at Stonehaven Village to do with as I pleased.

I was a little worried about what I could do here, what could I build with there was so little on offer, but I wandered the grid and found supplies so things were looking up indeed.  Building supplies is not all that I found, I found the man that would one day become my Master, he was so kind, generous and helpful.  In SL he took me into his family, he gave me a room with a shiney plate that had my name on it, I never felt so happy I did belong and I was happy to belong.  I was afraid about his other girls and how they would react to me, would they like me? would I like them?  But fear not they did like me and I did like them.

As the weeks went by he and I became closer, I could feel myself falling in love with him, wanting so much to be his girl, his sub wanting so much for him to be my Master.  But I still had my other life in SL, I had to deal with that, decide what I truely wanted, but that was not hard I knew what I wanted.  So to SL i went and had the conversation no one really wants to have, to end something, it was hard, not pleasant but had to be done to ensure my own happiness, I could not lie anymore.

So that done I become more and more apart of his family, then February 14th he placed a special gag in my mouth, I loved that gag, I still do today, I knew my new life was beginning, I was so happy and couldn’t wait to start it.

I wore a basic collar at first, but I made him my owner on that one, then february 15th he took off the basic collar and gave me his family protection collar, I was so happy I couldn’t stop smiling at my computer screen and then…

Toy McBride run up to you catching you unware and jump up on you throwing my arms around your neck and my legs locked around your waist hugging the life out of you then i kiss your check softly and then whisper..”love you Master”

then the words I had been waiting for finally came…

Walter Balazic: love you too Toy

I was so overjoyed, he loves me, he wants me, it could all end right then and I would be happy..well almost…

The best part of all this was being able to call him Master in public, was always so hard to call him Walter, life was good, I was enjoying my life in OSgrid, not really wishing to go back to SL at all which I must admit surprised me.

April 27th 2011 a day I will never forget Master took me to a little gazebo at Stonehaven by the water and there I received my Balazic collar, the prettiest collar you ever did see, this day my dream came true I was finally a Balazic girl, his girl, his sub and he was my Master.

So almost a year later I still live in OSgrid with Master, family and friends we have wonderful sims here, we have a wonderful happy life (well ok some bumps along the way) but we are a family

and now finally belong……….and I still live happily forever after…I love you Master