Well it is 2012, wow where did that year go to?  January 4th will be my first anniversary in OSgrid, and what a year it is has been.

The year started off, I felt alone and lonely in Secondlife, I had lost my friend of nearly 4 years, one day he just stopped logging on, that is the most painful thing to ever go through, wondering where they were, were they ok and why did they leave without word.  But I picked myself up and moved on, but I would not have been able to do that without the help of my very best friend, My Master,  he stuck by me, never let me down, and bought me my new home Littlefield, he took me into his family, and they all welcomed me with open arms, he gave me his protection and finally one lovely day in April I become his, truely his and so very proudly call him Master.

Our world in OSgrid has grown from strength to strength over the past year, our regions are full of wonderful sims, with wonderful content built by some of the best creators in OSgrid, and there is only more to come.  The grid itself is much more stable now than a year ago, and we have a tonne more content for people to feel more at home here.

I am very happy here building things, without really having to be concerned about prim counts, my next project will be Valentines day items and then start on building some new furniture pieces, and rearranging the furniture store.   Plus i must come up with some new toys for Toy Inc, what more evil can I create? lol

So 2011 had it’s up and it’s downs, the downs are not worth mentioning, suffice to say I will never forgive or forget some things.  But I am happy to meet new friends along the way, but beware I am very protective of my Master and family and will never let anyone hurt them in any way.

So Happy New Year and I look forward to what is ahead of me