Quote the song “how do you mend a broken heart?” an interesting question, how does one do that when it’s not your own?

How do you help someone you love so dearly came back from a dark place?  I have no words of wisdom or advice, I only have me, I can only just be there, listen when needed, speak when it is needed, be silent when the moment calls for it.

I am not good at helping when someone is not feeling the best or themself, I never know what to say or do, I tend to withdraw into myself, go quiet, hoping that my presence with them is enough to show how much I love and care for them.

My problem is when I cannot help someone, I tend to go to a dark place myself, I feel useless and awkward within myself.  I tend to joke and try to make light of situations when inside my head I am screaming “please tell me how I can help you get past this“.

My sister just said to me that she thinks I am better balanced than she might be, that made me laugh I replied “don’t be fooled I am just a good actor” this is quite true of me, I don’t always show my true emotions or what I am feeling, because I don’t want to burden others with my problems. 

I am a good listener when others are in need of a chat or a ear to bend, I sometime even offer good advice, but do I take my own advice? No I don’t think I do.  My problem is I tend to mirror the mood of the person in need, if they feel sad I feel sad for them and for me because I can’t help them. 

Why can’t it be easy to help someone as offering a hug or giving them smile, but it’s not, we are each a complex human being we all think, act or behave differently, which is good because that is what makes us all unique.

So how do I help the one I love be happy again?  I still don’t know the answer, all I can do is show them, tell them I love them even if that means doing it a hundred times a day.

I love you, I am here, I am yours…..