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Monday 14th November 2011

Wow 6 months have passed since my last diary entry, how did that time go so fast?  I did have problems still getting into this blog but seems to be working fine now, thankfully.  It’s been a fun, interesting 6 months, work on Littlefield is going along nicely, we are growing fast so much good content and more people coming over to OSgrid daily, it’s lovely to see, not the same capacity as SL but like Master says “I’d rather have 10 good people than 100 bad people” we are building a good community of people here now.

My building has slowed now, which is good gives me time to build at my own pace, starting my christmas projects now, and dabbling into building houses, it’s slow but I am getting better, decent houses are not in abundance in OS but content is vastly improving week by week.  Littlefield shopping area has grown so much since I first came to OSgrid and still everything is free 🙂

I am still very very happy with my life in OSgrid, I have the very best of Master’s he is the most wonderful man who I love and adore very much, I have the best family and friends (in OS & SL) I still wear my collar very proudly and I am proud to say I am a Balazic girl, when I met Master it had crossed my mind from time to time wondering what it would be like if he was my Master but never dreamed who would be one day, I was happy and grateful for his friendship, because my Master is the most excellent friend also.  You are very lucky to have him as your friend you will be truely blessed and your life enriched for the better.

I came to OSgrid to escape the drama of SL but seems even here we cannot escape it, I will not go into specifics or name names but even here there are those you cannot trust, those that still like to surround themselves with drama, those that claim they are submissive but are not.  Those that see this as a game, “they play” in OSgrid that phrase alone says a lot to me.  My Master is just that my Master, it does not end when I log out of SL or OS, it continues on in my everyday life, when making a choice etc I consider my Master, I ask my Master permission for things I wish to do in RL, now sometimes that is not always possible but I try my best ask when I can, I carry my Master with me at all times, awake, working or sleeping, he is in my head, my thoughts and most importantly in my heart.  When I submitted to Him I knew then that if would be for real not just for virtual “playing” when I tell my Master that I love him, I really do it’s not just words to me and I know when he says to me he loves me I know they are not just words to him.  I do not pretend to be the best sub, there is a lot I do not know or understand about a D/s relationship but I try my best everyday to make my Master proud of me, to be worthy of his collar, I am not perfect nor do I take the wearing of Master’s collar lightly, so you see our D/s relationship is not just “playing” to us, so remember that if you come into our life and try to “play” with us, we take this seriously and do not switch off when we log off each time.