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We have a store full of furniture now I had great fun creating items for the store I do hope you enjoy what we have there.  Here below is a small sample of what we have to offer all free.

New in store Fire Deck with animated cushions (not linked so you can move them around) flame and animated water feature.

Fire Deck with animated cushions

Stonehaven Living Room Set.  This set comes in an array of colours.

Chair has MLP menu with 5 female sits & 2 male sits
Couch (no MLP) but has 2 female sits & 1 male sit

Stonehaven Living Room Set

This is my mini pool/deck one of the first things I built in OSgrid.  Each cushion has a pose.

Mini Pool/Deck

This is the kitchen I had fun creating with mostly prims, I also found some kitchen items as I explored OSgrid after I first arrived.  I will be remodelling it with different colours.


Funky Bookshelves

These were a fun creation something a little different and funky, it comes in 3 different styles.

MLP Bookcase Style 3

MLP Boxed Bookcase Style 2

MLP Boxed Bookcase Style 1