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Well the shopping area at Littlefield is coming alone great, lots of new things there for all.

We now have on Littlefied a holiday shop where you can pick up items for your holidays like Halloween, Valentines Day, Birthdays etc..we also have cakes and birthday cards.

We are also working on the costume shop.  Littlefield Fine Furniture is full of some great free furniture and Ada’s store is filling fast with some great clothes/ boots/latx and more.

Toy Inc.

I have been busy creating new items for my shop some fun toys, and my sis Liz has helped enhance my new items with RLV.

New in store at Toy Inc.

Ada Display Rack with MLP/RLV enabled

5 menu driven poses
Restrictions include
no fly, no build, no map, no mini map, no inventory, no sending IM’s & no access to blue menu for the captured person
works with Lockguard enabled cuffs & BFE Servere Shackles
gives cuffs for ankles

RLV/MLP Subbie Bed

9 restrain poses, 4 sleep/relax poses, RLV installed with restrain points

RLV Pleasure Post

Custom made pose with RLV.

T-Bar Restraint

My first build in OSgrid, T-Bar rope restraint, custom made pose and resize script in the stand for all heights and easy to use.

A.W’s Allsorts

Well Ada has been quite busy, she has expanded her store with some great new boots and latex, also adding in some lovely dresses and tops.

Dirk's Thigh High Boots

These are fab boots I have some myself, make sure you check out Ada’s store often as she is always busy creating.

Berry Latex String Suit

One example of Ada’s latex outfits.  In a rainbox of colours.

Littlefield Fine Furniture – is a work in progress it is growing and we have lots a furniture in it so far, some I have made and some I have collected and adapted with sits or MLP.  I have also made a working MLP bed.  New beds will be coming soon.

MLP Canopy Bed

I have also made a White wood collection of many pieces.  Also made fireplace sits with multi sit positions.

The White Wood Collection

Fireplace Sit