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This blog started about me and my journey, but now it is mostly about my home Littlefield in OSgrid.

Littlefield in OS is the creation of my Master, Walter Balazic and my family, we are a family full of talented people who are creating a wonderful place for us to be in, and if you are from SL you will be pleasantly surprised how familiar to SL it is. 

The wonderful architecture is built by a wonderful builder Camryn Darkstone here is a link to her flickr page with some pics http://www.flickr.com/photos/littlefieldgrid/ take a look you will be wonderfully surprised at her creations.  Link to World Of Littlefield http://www.worldoflittlefield.com/

When I landed there I looked like a noob from days gone by which was quite a shock but thanks for Master he had me decked out with skin, hair, AO and clothes in no time.  You see the beauty of OS is that is free for items.    At present we are building up the shopping area and have some wonderful shops already.

Ada Wong has made several latex catsuits, boots, shoes and silks.  These are available in Ada’s store A.W., I have been building also my store is Toy Inc. and have found a working MLP in OS so I have already created MLP beds, plus other furniture items.  We have also set up a huge furniture store, Littlefield’s Fine Furniture” where we have been setting out a large selection of furniture with poses and MLP.

After much hard work on the part of Elizabeth Rofanui, Littlefield now has an operational RLV collar based on the OpenCollar script system. Currently there are 4 styles of collar available (with more coming soon courtesy of BFE). These collars communicate with a custom database supplied by Littlefield in order to overcome the script reset issues in OpenSim. They work in all Littlefield sims as well as sims run by Trex Blessed and Germania. To request your sim be added to the database for operation, you must have a static IP. Contact Walter Balazic to request the addition of your simulator.

BFE is also happy to announce the addition of OpenSim scripted Armbinders originally created by Darien Caldwell of Dari’s Hous. They can be found both at Stonehaven Island and at the BFE main store. In addition BFE will be releasing a scripted RLV Yoke and Chastity Belt as well as a long awaited set of Arm Shackles (Leg Shackles will be coming very soon)

We also have some great freebies items to get you started on your journey in OS.