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I live in secondlife I have done since September 2007, it is a wonderous place and I have met many wonderful people who I now call friend.  This is not a game, the people behind the avatars are real to me and i care about each and every one of my friends.

This is my space to chat about my life on Secondlife and OS grid to share with you the things I make on both grids to tell you of my life’s journey is this virtual world.

I am a creator, I like to build I also own a sim with some wonderful friends, there i have my shop plus another on another sim.  My sim is called Decouverte. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Decouverte/61/216/29 I make furniture with poses & MLP, I also make some adult items, I am still learning a lot even after nearly 4 years on SL, I don’t create to make profit i do it to keep me busy so I do not get bored on SL, I love to share my creations with my friends.

I also am the owner of Hunt Addiction a very successful group for BDSM/Fetish themed hunts, we have had 2 so far, one was last September 2010 and the other January 2011, both were a huge hit, we have an upcoming one The Kinky Fetish Easter Egg Hunt, see my blog http://huntaddiction.blogspot.com/ for more information on upcoming hunts.

I am very much into BDSM in SL/OS from almost my first weeks in SL i met a wonderful man Max who was my Master and friend for nearly 3 years, he is gone now, but not forgotten.  He was the funniest and most fun man to be with, we had many great times and he taught me many things while we were together in SL, I wish you the best Max.

Alone the way I met some wonderful people, who are now friends for life in and out of SL.  Without them SL would be dull and lifeless.  Now I have met some new friends who have made me part of their family, who embrace who I am and who care for me, I look forward to my journey with them in the future.

I am submissive but I do not give my submission lightly, and when I do give it, I give it freely and whole heartily.  When I submit you get the very best of me, all that I have and all that I am.

This is me taken March 11 2011, this is the start of my new life and journey.

Hopefully I will get around to posting pics of things I make in Secondlife and also pictures from OS grid.