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The last 12 months in SL has had it’s ups and downs, more downs unfortunately, my friend of nearly 3 years decided he didn’t want to be on SL anymore, he was my Master, my friend and partner, but then he vanished, I waited and waited in the vain hope that he would return, but in my heart I knew he wouldn’t, so I let him go and tried to move on.

I created an alt on SL I wanted to experience more roleplay and so I created another character to do this, I had read the Beauty books by Anne Rice and enjoyed them very much, I discovered there was a sim called Beauty the roleplay was based on the books, this piqued my interest, so I created my alt and landed on the Beauty sim, there I met a wonderful Countess, she become my friend and then my sister (long story),  we have had our ups and downs, but I enjoy our friendship and how she use to make me laugh all the time.  My time at Beauty was interesting, and I learnt how to rp from two wonderful people, but things change as they always do and we left Beauty and began another journey, which sadly ended 2 weeks ago, but I will always have fond memories and affection for this person and I hope one day we can be friends again once all the awkwardness has passed.

Now for my new journey, one that I am embracing, one that makes me happy again, and want to log into SL once more.  Back in September 2010 I decided to run a BDSM/Fetish hunt after discovering that there were not that many around, so I thought why not, I was nervous that I would recruit no stores to particpate in the hunt, but was very happy to have over 70 stores, and my Hunt Addiction group swelled to over 1100 people, and the hunt was a success. But what I got from this hunt is new a friend, a man who jumped on board the first day of the hunt to help me out as I was floundering with IM’s, group chat etc, I didn’t have to ask for his help he just gave and today He keeps on giving.  Our friendship continued after the hunt and he become my Hunt Addiction partner, he provided me with support and ideas.  He always had and has my back and protects me.

A couple of months ago he introduced me to OSgrid and to Littlefield and there he helped me set up shop. It is a wonder to behold, it is how SL should be, for people to create and build their virtual reality dream there, and share it with their friends.  So now I live in 2 worlds well 3 if you count real life.  I enjoy being back on SL but I also love to escape to OS and create, I love that we have no commerce there and everything I create is for free.  We are building a community there something to be proud of and the bonus is that it is much cheaper than SL to play there.  Now OSgrid is not without it’s bugs but as with SL it is not perfect but it is improving on a weekly basis.  I was surprised when I landed there how quickly I had my new look set up plus thanks to Walter I had a nice piece of land rented at a very very reasonable price.  I am very happy and content in my new world with my new family.

I am much happier in many aspects of my SL/OS life for I have been embraced by a wonderful man, a wonderful friend and protector.  He truely cares about me, he is interested in all I do and have to say, I am  blessed to have met him. Someone I can always turn to no matter what, someone I can talk to about anything that might be bothering me, he is truely a wonder to behold.  In him I give him my all, my heart, my body, my soul and my most precious gift my submission.  He made me a part of his family and now I am truely blessed by not only a family but new friends.  A added bonus of this new family is finall having a SL/OS friend on my time zone, a fellow Aussie girl, we have become fast friends and sisters, I adore my Wiz and we have great fun together and I cherish my time with her, she is so loving, fun and kind.

So stay tuned for more updates about SL and especially OSgrid.

some of my old pics of me in SL (my blonde days) http://www.flickr.com/photos/29306847@N02/

Littlefield’s flickr page http://www.flickr.com/photos/littlefieldgrid/